birds game theory simulator

birds is an ISC licensed scientific utility for simulating ergodic stochastic processes. Given a finite game G of n players, strategies X, strategy payoffs Π : X given as a payoff matrix, and agents divided into player populations, birds simulations consist of one or more mutation runs, each with one or more generations of...

Randomly select k agents per generation, where k=n for simultaneous games or k=1 for non-simultaneous or single-population games.

Apply an evolutionary process given Π(x) and the population state to the k agents, possibly resulting in the replacement of existing agents with new ones.

Visualising data using many possible views (single mutation run, multiple runs, etc.) or plotting data for off-line viewing or publication.

Compilation instructions, installation notes, and default paths are described in the Operator's Manual. For patches, questions, comments, and so on, please contact Kristaps Dzonsons, SIA k-Consulting, who originally wrote birds for Jörgen Weibull, Stockholm School of Economics, with financial support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Research Foundation.

Version 0.6.8

Kristaps Dzonsons

Initial support for Mac OS X integration (via GTK+/OSX/Building). Now I include binary Mac OS X applications for download. These should work on Snow Leopard or later, and require no external utilities beyond those mentioned in the Operator's Manual. These dependencies are also in the process of being internalised.

Improve RNG seed by using arc4random(), if available, or hashing a set of exogenous variables otherwise. Also heavily analyse the fictitious play component of the best-reply dynamic, including some minor fixes.

Lastly, the gtkbirds executable has been renamed to just birds for simplicity.

BibTeX: Kristaps Dzonsons and Jörgen Weibull. Game Theory Simulator, version 0.6.8:; October, 2013.